Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of clients, employees and visitors is something we take very
seriously. This is why we have prepared a privacy policy that explains how we collect,
use, disclose, transfer and store personal data. We process personal data in
compliance with the legislation in force in Estonia, which also includes the requirements
of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Personal data means any information that allows individuals to be uniquely identified.
1. The purpose of processing personal data
Balti Bussi Grupp AS processes personal data to fulfil the objectives of the organisation
and provide the best service.
Personal data collected from clients is limited to the necessary minimum. We collect the
following personal data:
contact details (first and last name, company, postal address, telephone number, e-mail
address), purchase history, purchase preferences and other information disclosed
during client communications.
Processing personal data is necessary for providing ordered services to interested
Data is processed based on at least the data subject’s personal consent given through
e-mail, a contract or legislation.
2. Using and processing collected personal data
We use the collected personal data
• for preparing and issuing invoices;
• sending clients information on services (and/or products);
• measuring client satisfaction;
• we only store personal data as long as they are necessary for their purpose.
Collected data shall be destroyed immediately either at the request of the client or on
the achievement of their purpose.
3. Altering and erasing collected personal data
The data subject can always alter their personal data. For this, notice needs to be given
at least through e-mail.
The data subject can always use their right to be forgotten by sending us an e-mail that
contains their notice requesting erasing of their personal data.
4. Sharing the collected personal data
We disclose collected personal data at the request of authorities or in cases where it is
necessary for the provision of ordered services.
5. Protection of personal data
We take all necessary precautions for the protection of personal data. Access for the
processing of data is given only to authorised persons.
We ask you to notify us as soon as possible (by e-mailing us at ) if you feel
that our employees have behaved contrary to the current privacy policy.
6. Privacy policy terms, conditions and amendments
We reserve the right to make changes to the principles of our privacy policy. We shall
inform all regular clients of this, and we shall also publish information on these
amendments on our company website.
The controller responsible for the processing of personal data is Balti Bussi Grupp AS. If
you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at .
Any issues can be referred to the Data Protection Inspectorate or to court.